GCD-Products (Geislinger Carbotorq) Moses December 3, 2021

Geislingler Carbotorq

Lightweight maintenance-free elastomer coupling.

Geislinger Carbotorq

The carbotorq is a lightweight maintenance-free elastomer coupling. It is designed to minimize reaction forces and bearing loads. Its innovative design provides torsional elasticity and misalignment capacities with the lowest possible weight. The torsional elastic component is bonded between fiber composite membranes, which provide elasticity and high internal damping properties.

Technical Overview
  • Minimal weight
  • Maintenance-free
  • Low reaction force
  • High temperature silicone elastomer
  • Radial installation
  • Blind assembly design available
  • Enhanced acoustic insulation
Technical Data
  • Torque range: up to 10 kNm
  • Ambient temperature: -45°C to 100°C
  • Marine
  • Power Generation
  • Industrial Applications
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