GCD-Products (Geislinger MK5)

GCD-Products (Geislinger MK5) Moses December 3, 2021

Contonously monitors torsional vibrations of rotating components.

The Geislinger Monitoring System (GMS MK5) is a highly robust and precise monitoring solution designed to continously monitor torsional vibration amplitudes in various applications. Its main task is to recognize functional deviations of monitored components and to detect critical overloads so that damage to the damper, coupling or other powertrain components can be avoided. Reduce unexpected downtimes and provide operational safety with the MK5.

  • Operational safety, low running cost and increased service life due to early problem detection
  • Simple monitoring of torsional vibrations
  • Modular design, easily expandable
  • Integration into the ship’s network or existing AMS
  • Geislinger Worldwide After Sales Service
  • Self-monitoring system unit with a malfunction alarm
  • 6 digital inputs and 4 analogue inputs
  • USB 2.0 for data acquisition and programming
  • 4 potential-free relay switches for alarm output
  • Analogue output (4 – 20 mA)
  • TFT color display, touch-button operation
    • ISO-fitting dimensions 192 x 147 mm
    • 24 V DC power supply, overvoltage protection
  • Maximum operating temperatures:
    • System Unit: 55°C, Junction Box: 70°C, Inductive sensors: 100°C
  • Technical standards:
    • DNVGL type approval and tested according to IACS E-10
    • IP54 (display unit, front only) and IP67 (junction box)
  • Misfiring (free-end) Monitoring If a cylinder misfires, the alarm signal can be used as a warning to reduce the engine load or to disengage a clutch to avoid excessive vibration levels and further subsequent damage.
  • Crankshaft stress or intermediate shaft stress monitoring: Monitoring a critical order range of the vibratory angle at the free end of the crankshaft can be used for detecting dangerous operating conditions for crankshafts or other driveline components.
  • Damper Monitoring ensures trouble free operation of Geislinger Dampers.
  • Oil Pressure and Temperature Monitoring Sensors inside the Geislinger oil supply are available as an option for 2-stroke applications.