GCD-Products (Geislinger VDAMP) Moses December 3, 2021

Geislingler VDAMP

Torsional vibration viscous damper with broadband effect.

Geislinger VDAMP

The Geislinger Vdamp® and Vdamp®XT are viscous dampers that protect engine camshafts and crankshafts from possible damage caused by torsional vibrations and help to avoid barred speed ranges. The vibration energy is converted into heat, which then dissipates from the damper’s surface into the ambient air. Due to the improved Geislinger calculation method, the viscous damper can be perfectly fitted to individual applications.

Technical Overview
  • Precise calculations
  • In-house oil analysis
  • Tailored to your system
  • Easy integration
  • Economical design
  • Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO)
Technical Data
  • Diameter: 0,3 m up to 5 m
  • Various oil viscosities available
  • Marine
  • Power Generation
  • Off-Highway
  • Industrial applications
  • Wind Power & Renewables
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